About Us

Reba & her husband BrentHi! My name is Reba Collins and that handsome guy in the photo is my husband Brent. We’ve been married forever, since 1985. Now we work together at home selling things online (well, he has a part-time retail job too).

We started by selling on Amazon, and after a year of doing really well I quit my corporate job as an Accounts Payable Manager. That was at the beginning of 2015. By 2016 were in a 3 year lease for an office space and paying an employee. By 2019 we were deep in debt and couldn’t continue. Then Brent lost his retail manager job. We had to do something and quick.

We closed down our Amazon business when the lease was up in 2019 and I tried making money with affiliate marketing online while Brent looked for a new job. We were both terrible at what we were doing. So, at the beginning of 2020 I decided to do something I knew would make money, resell used items online. 

I wanted to try Poshmark because, I don’t know, it was the new thing? So we both went to buy some used clothes and my online reselling journey began. It wasn’t long before Brent decided to join me, but only after he tried doing odd jobs like Uber. We soon expanded to Ebay, and then Mercari, and have been reselling ever since. It’s the reason we’re able to pay down that huge debt bill we created with the Amazon business.

Reba & Brent in GalvestonNow that we’re in our third year of reselling, we have mastered the processes and have a little extra time to pursue other interests. That’s when Brent decided to get a part-time job and I’ve decided to give a little time to my creative side. I decided to go into business with my daughter selling on Etsy. We’re using a print-on-demand company called Printify to print tees, crewneck sweatshirts and coffee mugs with designs we create.

And that’s why I started this website (it’s the same domain name I used when I tried affiliate marketing, I liked it, it was still available, so I jumped on it). I want to write about our print-on-demand & Etsy journey and in the process, maybe I can teach others a little along the way. Heaven knows, I’ve been around the block with online selling and I know how to use all the software including Photoshop, Illustrator, and Canva to make some really cute designs.

Our Family

To get to know us is to know our family. We all live in Houston and the surrounding areas. Brent and I have two adult girls, Steph and Brittany. Brittany is the one I’m starting the print-on-demand business with, she’s our youngest.

Steph is married to Zack and in 2012 they had a daughter, Charlotte. 

Brittany is married to Nick and in 2017 they had a daughter Brooklyn. Then in 2020 (during the pandemic), they had a little boy they named Beau. 

We are so much in love with all of them. The little ones keep us young and we see them often. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here’s a gallery so you can get to know our family.