Figuring Out SEO for Our Etsy Shop

Dismal Etsy Stats - New Accounts Need to Be Patient

Filling our Etsy shop with print-on-demand products is moving along for us. We now have 62 listings and I have 2 designs to add to that which will put us at 68. The only disappointing thing is the views and visits. They’re basically non-existent. Everyone I follow on YouTube that does print-on-demand says to be […]

Etsy Suspended Our Account for No Reason

Etsy Suspended Us For No Reason

The day finally came, it was time to start listing all our great t-shirt and sweatshirt designs on Etsy. We had been waiting to list because the bank account we set up with Chime needed money in it and it took several days to make the transfer. I didn’t want Etsy to try to draft […]