How Long Did It Take to Get Our First Sales on Etsy?

Selling Print On Demand on Etsy

Well, we did it! We made our first sale! In fact, we had another one on Saturday too! I am ecstatic! It seems we’re following the same path as some large POD sellers and that makes me really happy.

If you haven’t followed my previous posts, we made our first listings on September 27, 2022 and almost immediately got suspended. You can read about that here. So, in effect, taking into account the 6 days we were suspended, we opened on October 2, 2022.

Today is November 14, we have 133 listings and 2 sales in six weeks.

Our First Sale

Our first sale came from a special order. The customer messaged me asking if my design came in youth size crewneck sweatshirts. I wasn’t offering youth sizes but knew they were available. I quickly looked it up on Printify and found that they didn’t offer crewnecks but they did offer hoodie sweatshirts.

I messaged back and she was fine with a hoodie. It was late in the evening so I told her I’d get back to her in the morning. I put together the special order listing with a couple of color options and messaged her back. Within an hour she purchased. Yay!!

Our Second Order

The second order came in Saturday afternoon while I was working on bookkeeping. It was so exciting!! I didn’t have to do anything except submit the order on Printify. That’s it, all the info had automatically pushed to Printify and the order was sitting there in my dashboard waiting to be submitted. So easy!

Our Profit

So, just how much money did we make on these two orders? Well, I wish it were more but it wasn’t bad for a listing where all the work is already done and more orders could come through. I’ll break each one down for you.

Youth Hoodie

Sale Price (Revenue): $42.00
Discount: $0
Processing Fees (credit card fees): 2.9% + .30 (inc tax) = $1.60
Etsy Fees: $2.73
Cost of Goods (Printfy): $30.67
 (includes shipping)

Profit: $7.00

Adult T-Shirt – Sz 3XL

Sale Price (Revenue): $36.00 (2XL & 3XL are priced higher – reg sizes are $32)
Discount: $5.40 (we run a continuous 15% off sale)
Processing Fees (credit card fees): 2.9% + .30 (inc tax) = $1.25
Etsy Fees: $1.99
Cost of Goods (Printify): $19.36 (includes shipping)

Profit: $8.00 

Going Forward

Now, in no way do I think we will get rich with two orders a month making a total of $15 profit. In fact, we are in the negative close to $100 after listing fees, ad spend, and purchasing mock-ups, but…

  • What if that became 30 orders per day? That’s $225 in profit per day.
  • 1000 per month? That’s $7500 in profit per month.
  • And 12,000 per year? $90,000 in profit per year.

$7500 per month profit with products we don’t need to pack, ship, store, or spend money on until it sells? The only thing we need to do is create designs? That sounds great to me!

We just need to continue growing the store and experimenting with new niches. Right now we have:

  • 45 Christmas designs
  • 5 Everyday designs
  • 3 Career designs in one career (this will be expanded next)
  • 24 in a sport for men
  • 25 in a sport for youth
  • 28 in an animal lover niche

This morning our second order showed a tracking number in Etsy and Printify says it will ship today. Really exciting, I hope all turns out well and we get our first 5-star review. I’ll keep you updated.

Until next time,



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